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Artist Bio: Stephen Spender (250 Words)

With an insatiable desire to create and inspire, Indie-Folk singer/songwriter Stephen Spender combines his signature gruf yet melodic vocal stylings with playful lyricism. Often armed with just an acoustic guitar, Stephen is carving out a name for himself for his ability to convey lust, reflection, tenderness and nostalgia.

Stylistically, it’s a strong nod to roots music, with his compositions often pivoting around quintessential folk themes of letting go and hardship. Though, this is not without a positive undercurrent often instilling hope into the listener.

Born in London but bred in Canada, it was choirs, musicals and theatre that propelled Stephen's life into a series of musically dictated chapters. A narrowly missed big break in his acting career inspired Stephen to focus on his solo music career, which led to the artist working full time as a busker in Vancouver. From these humble beginnings, Stephen has had time to refine both his craft and live performances, which have been likened to a cathartic experience for both him and his listener

Despite these modest beginnings, Stephen has risen to the occasion, landing himself notable gigs and film sync placements in recent years. He’s played all over western Canada, UK, Europe and even the Maritimes, and has even opened for the Arkells in Saskatchewan, Canada. He’s also had several songs used in short films and features (Galveston, Chasing Evel: The Robbie Knievel Story, Rabbit), and is sitting on a discography of three studio albums, two of which were produced by Juno-nominated producer, David Meszaros.

Stephen is placing the final touches to the release of his fourth album, 'Somewhere Near Everywhere', which is set for release in the fall of 2020.

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